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Scott McGillivray & HGTV come to Prince Edward County

Scott McGillivray & HGTV come to Prince Edward County

Jan. 13/16

Prince Edward County is rapidly becoming the #1 tourist and cottage destination in Ontario.

With the combination of world class wineries & resturants, sandy beaches, provincial parks, winding country roads and scenery... there's something for everyone.

When we were approached about doing a project for HGTV's Income Property being filmed in Prince Edward County as a special "On Vacation" series, we accepted the opportunity immediately. Being at the helm of the ship for the project, we were responsible for all on-site work through our crew and our sub-trades, essentially the same scenario as a typical project. Add in the camera days, mic's on all the workers, late nights and last minute changes... it all came down to the wire. All said, what an experience! Time spent off camera with Scott McGillivray, Melissa Davis and the whole RTR Media Crew was a great perspective on how many hard working people are invested in the show.

The project turned out absolutely phenomenal and we couldn't be happier for the clients who have since been able to operate a very successful rental property in Wellington. If your coming to Prince Edward County for a getaway, The Studio House should be at the top of your list for a one of a kind place to stay. 

Income Propety Season 10, Episode #14 - Rebecca & Stew    www.hgtv.ca